Carrie Wissner
Design Consultants



  • Nikki - Carrie is currently working with my husband and I on our new home in Short Hills, NJ. The house is a historic Hartshorn home built in the 1880's and has needed quite a bit of work done to it. Carrie has been wonderful to work with. She has excitement for her work and is very organized. She has been able to grasp our style and needs to a "T" and has made the process of choosing things very easy for us. She has been able to find the perfect balance of keeping the old charm of the home while adding modern flair to fit our personalities. Carrie is currently working on designing our foyer, hallway, dining room, living room, master and hall bath, master bedroom and office for us. She has been able to make progress on all of these rooms without becoming overwhelmed and has been able to work with us on our budget needs given the size of the project. I am looking forward to Carrie helping me finish my entire home and would highly recommend her to anyone. She has impeccable taste!

  • Randi - I don't know about you, but decorating a home can be overwhelming. Working with a decorator can help if you find the right one. Carrie was referred to me through a friend who loved her work. After meeting her I knew why...she made the process of designing the bathrooms and kitchen easy. Paint colors and upholstery were actually fun to shop for. She knew all the right places to go to find treasures and we actually saved money along the way. Decorating your home is very personal and sharing the experience with someone who understands that is priceless. I will continue to use her until my home is complete.

  • Lori - Carrie has been fantastic to work with.We've been working with Carrie the last few months on a kitchen and overall first floor re-design and she has been a tremendous help. She not only helped with the design and material selection, but has guided me on vendors, helped negotiate pricing, and even sat at my house supervising vendors to ensure installs were done correctly while I was at work and couldn't get there in time! She is flexible and accessible. I would highly recommend her.

  • Rachel - Carrie did an outstanding job in helping to redesign 3 bathrooms in my house. She was wonderful to work with and was very knowledgeable in tile design, hardware, fixtures and bathroom vanities. Her taste is timeless and I still love her work after almost 5 years.

  • Marty - Carrie helped us every step of the way in completely renovating our main bathroom. The project looks great. She is easy to work with, reliable and has a great eye!

  • Ellen - I was very impressed with Carrie Wissner. She listened to all my needs and was very careful to stay in my budget. She is very talented with very good ideas and knows her business very well. All her vendors were excellent!!

  • Sue - Carrie was very knowledgeable helping me with my bathroom makeover! She has impeccable taste, she was easy to work with and she followed through every step of the way. I would definitely recommend her and use her again for all my future renovations.

  • Fred - I gave several projects to Carrie Wissner Designs. She designed all of my Model Units for my residential developments, as well as my personal home. To date, I am very happy with her services and fair pricing. She is a great designer, does beautiful work and is very professional. I highly recommend her. I will continue to use Carrie for my future projects.